British Improves Legislation to Accelerate Autonomous Driving Technology Development

According to a report jointly issued by multiple research institutions, by 2035, 40% of new cars sold in the UK will have autonomous driving capabilities. By then, the British intelligent network and autonomous vehicle market will reach 41.7 billion pounds, and nearly 40,000 jobs will be added.

In recent years, the UK has continuously accelerated the commercialization of autonomous driving technology, improved relevant legislation for autonomous driving and accelerated the research and development of advanced technologies and infrastructure testing in the field of autonomous vehicles.

Currently, a project called “Endeavour” supported by the British government is underway. This is the first multi-city self-driving car demonstration project in the UK. It aims to create a flexible and scalable model to accelerate the large-scale deployment of self-driving technology while maintaining the highest safety standards and expand the application of self-driving car services. In October last year, the project was tested in Oxford and will be tested in London and Birmingham in the future.

The United Kingdom formulated a roadmap for smart transportation technology as early as 2010, clarifying the research and application of various core technologies such as communications, storage, networks and sensors. Thanks to policy promotion and financial support, British researchers have made positive progress in the fields of 3D image generation systems and next-generation communication technologies in recent years. Currently, the UK has 4 test sites and 3 highways dedicated to testing autonomous driving technology and more than 80 cooperative research and development projects are underway.

The UK continues to improve its autonomous driving technology legislation. Since 2015, the United Kingdom has not only revised laws on roads and transportation, but also brewed or introduced new laws and regulations concerning insurance, taxation, and security related to the commercialization of autonomous driving.

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British Improves Legislation to Accelerate Autonomous Driving Technology Development

According to a report jointly issued by...