Caution: Idle Vehicles May Have These Problems!

Many car owners may be forced to leave their cars at home because of work, traffic or other reasons. If this goes on, the idle car will have problems, big or small. So what are they ?

1. Oil seal

When the vehicle is idle for a long time, the pressure on the oil seal of each part is generally uneven. The greater the pressure, the greater the degree of oil seal deformation. Therefore, if the vehicle is idle for long, the deformation of the oil seal tends to be irreversible, severe or even permanent, which leads to the aging of the oil seal and oil leakage.


Since the engine of a idle car has not been started for a long time, the oil film on its surface is in contact with air. The oxygen and other components in it will corrode the oil film to cause the deterioration of the lubricating oil film, resulting in a decrease in its lubricating performance. So when the engine is started again, not only the friction and the wear of the parts will increase, but the engine will also become very difficult to start.

3. Tires

When the car is idle for a long time, the weight of the entire car, which is tens of tons, is pressed on the the four tires that are in contact with the ground. You can imagine how much pressure each area should bear. As a result, the contact area is extremely susceptible to compression and deformation. With time, the deformation will worsen and become more irrecoverable.

4. Battery

Under normal conditions, the car battery will self-discharge. Therefore, when the car is left unused for a long time, the self-discharge will gradually aggravate, leading to battery loss and sulfide produced on the battery surface, which affects the battery life.

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