Weilai Enters into the Medium and Large Car Market, Sharing the “Cake” of Mercedes-Benz and BMW

On the first day of 2021, Tesla released the price of domestic models of Model Y, stirring the electric car market. Weilai Automobile, which is considered to be Tesla’s direct competitor, released its flagship sedan Weilai eT7 on the nio day on January 9th. This car surpassed Tesla Model S in aspects like battery life, autonomous driving technology, autonomous driving chip computing power and camera accuracy. But the delivery time of the Weilai eT7 is the first quarter of 2022, and the 150kWh solid-state battery pack is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter in the same year.

Pre-sale models and prices were released one year in advance. Weilai’s move was interpreted as a response to Tesla’s price cuts, but Weilai Automobile founder Li Bin and its co-founder Qin Lihong both denied this statement in an interview. “It’s all rumors that Tesla’s price cuts caused a large number of canceled orders of Weilai Auto. On the contrary, after the release of eT7, our app did crash for a while.” Qin Lihong said that Weilai’s target car company was not Tesla, but traditional luxury cars such as BBA.

eT7 was born in NIO’s NP2 second-generation architecture. The biggest feature is that it is equipped with NIO’s latest autopilot technology, with NIO’s self-developed Aquila super-sensing system and 33 high-precision sensors, including 11 super-sensing lenses with the total number of pixels up to 88 million and one ultra-long-distance high-precision lidar. In addition, the NIO Adam Weilai super-computing platform is based on four NVIDIA Drive Orin chips. Among the four chips, two Masters verify each other, one for redundant backup and one dedicated to training iterations.

Many security institutions have compared Weilai eT7 with Tesla Model S. in terms of the data and configuration, eT7’s battery life, computing power and configuration greatly exceed the Tesla Model S. For example, the eT7 equipped with a 150kwh solid-state battery pack has a maximum endurance mileage of 1000km. The super-computing platform is based on four NVIDIA Drive Orin chips and has a computing power of 1016TOPS, which is more than 7 times that of Tesla (144TOPS). But in terms of price, the starting price of the Weilai eT7 is 448,000 yuan before the subsidy. If the battery leasing program is used for the subsidy, the starting price is 398,000 yuan, which is significantly lower than the 730,000 yuan for the Model S long-life upgrade.

But Li Bin said that the target of Weilai eT7 was not Model S, but luxury cars such as the BMW 7 Series. “Benchmarking is not about targeting them in terms of technical standards, but about occupying the market from these luxury fuel vehicles. In terms of price, our selling price is equivalent to them. But we have advantages in intelligence, service and performance. “, Li Bin said.

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