4 Misbehavior of Car Maintenance

Everyone knows that cars are consumables that have to be maintained and repaired on time. But many car owners, unfortunately, often go in the wrong direction when maintaining their cars, which means expensive costs. Therefore if you can correct these misbehavior in car maintenance, you can save a lot a year.

  • Too high tire pressure. Many car owners feel that if the tire pressure of a car is maintained at a high level, the fuel consumption will be lower and the power will be stronger. Therefore, they set it to a higher level when driving. But this is actually very dangerous, for it’s more likely to puncture and affect the performance of the brakes. So you must pay attention to the level of tire pressure while driving.
  • Unfrequent use of the car. Some owners are reluctant to use their car for fuel saving or some other reasons. But this is undoubtedly wrong. The car needs to be used frequently. If it is not used for a long time, it will even cause greater harm to the car. Therefore, owners must not feel distressed. The car can perform better with frequent use.
  • The more car oil, the better. Some owners may think that more is better than less. If you add more oil, it will work longer. In fact, this is also very harmful to the car. Everyone should know that there is actually a limit. Higher or lower than this value will cause great harm to the car, so be cautious when adding the oil.
  • The frequent use of car wax. In order to make the car look like a new one, car owner may wax their car every once in a while. However, it is actually undesirable. We know that things may reverse. Frequent use of car wax is undoubtedly a great burden for car paint. Therefore, in order to avoid car paint damage, it is necessary to use car wax after a certain period of time.

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