Modernized Chevy Monte Carlo SS Looks Like a G-Body Camaro Mix

The Chevy Monte Carlo is one of those cars that’s ignored by the mainstream media, yet has a huge following. The classic G-Body style aged well, and while GM won’t build a successor, rendering artists are keen to imagine one for the benefit of their social media clout.

TheSketchMonkey did the 2001 Monte Carlo to remind us that Chevy did try to keep this coupe alive for as long as possible. But while that model resembled melted cheese with racing wheels, the one wb.artist20 put together is based on a much older model and is more of a bar of chocolate.

The “modernizing” of the Monte Carlo SS G-body involves playing around with the front end, which receives new LED lights and a mesh grille. The fenders are also updated to have a bit more muscle, resulting in a strong resemblance to an older Chevy Camaro, the 5th-gen model.

While we find the style to be esthetically pleasing, it definitely lacks some of that vintage luxury. You can’t put large leather seats inside this little pillbox, and it probably doesn’t come with enough ashtrays either.

Back in the era of the G-body, American cars were large barges with engines choked by EPA regulations. The V8s still made decent torque, but they wouldn’t rev and produce embarrassing horsepower numbers. Thus, you really did need the rich “Corinthian Leather” to enjoy your ride.

The Monte Carlo SS was reintroduced in 1983 after twelve years of being discontinued. The following model year had a 5 hp bump for the 305 V8 (5.0-liter) which was now making 180 hp. By contrast, a 1970 SS came with the 454 package (a 7.4-liter) and made 360 hp.

This is by no means the first time wb.artist20 messed around with a boxy iconic car from the 1980s. A few months back, he transformed the 1987 Buick Grand National, which ended up resembling a Cadillac ELR.

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