When will the 2021 GAC GS4 land in the Philippines?

In the current local GAC line-up, the GS4 crossover is one of the top sellers. That said, it’s also the oldest car in the range. Introduced in China back in 2015, the current generation is now five years old. But a new decade brings an all-new GS4, and we’re wondering when GAC Philippines will bring it in.

It may look like a facelift, but the 2021 GS4 is redesigned from bumper to bumper. First, there are the new headlights that now incorporate a new set of LED daytime running lights. Also, GAC is following the trend of big grilles by giving the GS4 a more prominent nose. To add a bit of flair, the bumper corners feature sharper edges.

The side of the crossover still features the floating roof look, but there are more curved lines added for the all-new model. As for the rear, it’s a big difference from the previous generation. The taillights look more dynamic, and the license plate holder is now on the tailgate.

But it’s on the inside where the GS4 made a big leap forward. The new slim dash is a stark contrast to the curved and angular design of the current model. Also, the door panels follow the theme of the dashboard, no longer employing a wraparound design. And an LCD screen replaces the analog instrument cluster, and the infotainment screen is much wider.

When will the 2021 GAC GS4 land in the Philippines? image

As for the engine, there’s now more power under the hood. The 2021 GS4 packs 169 PS and 265 Nm of torque from its 1.5-liter turbo engine. With that, power is up by 18 PS, along with a torque gain of 30 Nm. For transmission options, a six-speed manual is standard, with a six-speed dual-clutch being an option.

When will the 2021 GAC GS4 land in the Philippines? image

The updates and upgrades make us want the 2021 GAC GS4 to land here as soon as possible. Given the experiences we’ve had with our long-term GA4 sedan, its high-riding sibling should be a solid and reliable crossover. However, the uncertainties of the global economy make it difficult to gauge its possible launch date, but we hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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