AAA anticipating more car breakdowns as winter grows closer | Allen County

AAA is anticipating more breakdowns as the cooler weather sets in, especially from cars that may have been sitting for long periods of time because of the pandemic.

AAA’s automotive experts are urging for people to get their maintenance checks in before the temperature drops. Despite seeing less traffic, AAA is seeing an increase in some types of breakdowns, especially battery failures.

The owner of Elida Road Tire Service says he has already seen cars with battery issues that have been caused by sitting too long. One thing that both AAA and Elida Tire Service says to check before winter hits is the air filters.

“You can see this one’s pretty filthy, it’s got leaves in it, it’s brown or grey from the dirt that’s going through it, and here’s a clean one that looks fresh,” said Brian Neeley, owner of Elida Tire Service. “You’d rather have air coming into the cabin of the car through this clean one, rather than one of these dirty ones.”

Neeley says some cars don’t have cabin air filters, so it’s important to ask your mechanic if you have one.

The list of five car care must dos from AAA to prevent a breakdown this winter are check the battery, change the oil, filters, and wiper blades, and check the tires.

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