Shmee150 Faces A Repair Challenge On His Mercedes GT R Pro

Shmee’s Mercedes suffered some rear-end damage from a passing vehicle pulling a trailer. Can it be repaired?

If a pickup truck gets the occasional dent, an owner should shrug it off and attribute to scars in the vehicle’s line of duty. But if that happened to a supercar, you won’t find a car enthusiast anywhere who’d be cavalier about the situation. Such was the case with Brit car vlogger Tim Burton—better known to fans as Shmee—whose parked Mercedes suffered some rear-end damage from a passing vehicle pulling a trailer.

Bumper and Diffuser Damage

It’s no surprise to his fans that Burton loves Mercedes supercars, especially when he expressed his desire to get a new one in the AMG Black Series class. Understandably, he’s worried about the scratches on his GT’s rear bumper, and whether the Paint Protection Film (PPF) was compromised and ruined the white diamond finish. The worst-case scenario would be a new PPF and a bumper respray.

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Burton also has another issue, namely with the carbon diffuser that surrounds the left exhaust, where some of the surface was shorn off at impact. It’s a component that can’t be repaired; rather, the bolted-on piece is can easily be replaced but would cost in the neighborhood of $2,300. Fortunately, Burton’s made sure the driver responsible for the damage is going to foot the bill.

Cleaning Made A Difference

Rear damage to a Mercedes GTR Pro

While Burton’s not concerned about the diffuser, he’s hoping for the best regarding the bumper damage. “We’re going to try and clean this off before we need to get as far as the PPF, because we think it possible, potentially, to actually remove it,” he said.

Crossing his fingers for the best, Burton nearly jumped for joy when a mechanic used some cleaner and a rag to get at the scrape and ensured that totally removed that blemish. The PPF held, meaning no film replacement and above all, no new paint job.

“That looks absolutely brilliant,” he exclaimed. “No damage, oh phew, that’s a relief!”

All Nicely Spit-shined

Mercedes GT R Pro in car wash

An exterior and interior scrub later, the Mercedes is Pristine. And given that the car only has scarcely more than 2,000 miles on it, he wants to keep it that way. Additionally, he’ll also have fun with his AMC Black Series supercar. But will he opt for the forthcoming Mercedes GT Silver Echo that will pay tribute to racing legend Sterling Moss?

Whether he does or not, at least he’s got a deal with a local detailer to keep his collection looking immaculate.

Source: Shmee150

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