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Most car owners today want service that’s quick, thorough and convenient. What they care about most is being able to drive their glistening, spotless cars down the interstate, windows down, hair blowing—confident that the person or company they entrusted their vehicle to has succeeded in helping them get where they need to be. 

Two years ago, Jill Adams bought a black Lincoln MKX. On top of needing top tier maintenance, it also needed excellent cleaning services to keep the shiny black paint refined. Having gone through many car washes in the past, she felt unsatisfied with their services. 

“I’ve used other car washes that pull you through on the track and they’re friendly enough; they’ll talk you through the payment process, but that’s about it,” Adams said. “Once they get your money it’s like, ‘Okay, just pull up on this track.’” 

Jill Adams’ dog loves going the Elite Care Auto car wash just as much as she does. 

One day, Adams’ husband reminded her of a service he used and trusted that she had not fully utilized: the monthly unlimited car wash program at Elite Care Auto on Lexington Avenue. 

Using the Best Unlimited Membership, Adams’ husband can receive a daily wash through Elite Care Auto’s automatic soft touch wash featuring any of the three wash packages and a hand towel dry for as little as 60 cents per day.

After going back and forth on whether or not it would’ve been too expensive, Adams finally caved. Since then, she’s never regretted her decision. 

“I’ve always had very nice cars, so it was great to realize what a deal it was. I go daily through the tunnel wash,” Adams said. 

On average, an oil change can take up to 30-45 minutes. For those constantly on the move, that time can feel like an eternity. The inconvenience of it can cause them to put off that appointment time after time, resulting in heartache the day their car begins to feel the effects of that neglect. 

Before going to Elite Care Auto, Adams would dread having to get any type of service on her car and beg her husband to do it instead. On top of that, she’d also feel like because she was a woman, it’d be easier for someone to upsell her. 

“I’ve never felt like anyone at Elite has ever treated me differently because I’m a girl,” Adams said. They treat me like I’m just a customer, so I very much appreciate that.”

With no appointment needed, customers like Adams can stop by for an oil change that takes about 15 minutes and includes a 12 point safety check. 

In addition to the wash and lube, Elite Care Auto also offers professional car detailing for those customers who want a deep clean of the interior and exterior of their vehicle or can choose from a variety of a la carte services. They also offer car repair services from a certified car repair mechanic.

Hank Keller, owner of Elite Care Auto, wants any member or customer to drive in with the knowledge that their car is in the hands of people actively looking for ways to improve their already excellent services. And if someone ever did have a problem or wasn’t fully satisfied, Keller and his employees will make it right. 

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our services, whether it’s me researching on the internet looking at other car washes or oil changes or maybe one of our techs happened to go through an oil change out of town, saw something they really liked and brought that to us and we said ‘that’s a great idea, we’re going to run with it,’” Keller said.  

Since getting her upgraded membership with Elite Care Auto, Adams hasn’t had any of the anxious thoughts she had previously. Rather than relying on car wash people to simply “do their job,” she’s sparked many friendships with the staff and is a very well-known member. 

Throughout COVID-19 and quarantine, she’s brought her great nieces, nephews and dogs along with her, whom the staff always treat well. One of her niece’s recently had a birthday and all of the staff pitched in and gave her a card. 

Elite Care Auto  (2)

Elite Care Auto is located on 1401 Lexington Ave.

“She has that card sitting on my table by where she sits on the couch and she looks at it every once in a while still,” Adams said. “(Elite Care Auto) definitely made an impact on (her nieces and nephews) lives.”

Keller takes great pride in his staff and the lengths they’ll go to make sure their customers are satisfied with not only their service but the kindness they received. 

“When you have a company culture like that, it sets you apart from the competition. Keller said. “When you start hearing those types of stories, you know the company’s really going to grow because that’s the kind of service that people love and then tell their neighbors about.”

Elite Care Auto is located on 1401 Lexington Ave. Visit their website or call (419) 709-9000 for more details and take advantage of a local business dedicated to anyone’s car service needs.

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