Magna introduces its next-generation EZ Entry seat

DETROIT — Magna International Inc. is introducing its fully automated, next-generation EZ Entry seat.

The seat offers new technology that eliminates extra parts, plastic, links and pinch points. Magna showcased the technology during a demonstration to journalists in suburban Detroit on Thursday.

The elimination of parts allows for more foot clearance and 75 millimeters (nearly 3 inches) more of seat cushion width.

The seat will be available to automakers in fully automated, partially automated or manual options.

The automated seat can be operated via smartphone to change the position of the seat, including to a nearly flat cargo mode.

Sensors in the seat will be able to detect obstacles such as groceries, pets and child seats prior to changing positions.

The seat offers higher craftsmanship, more comfort and more space for mobility upon entering and exiting the vehicle.

“It’s a front-row experience in the back seat,” Joe Meyer, director of engineering, said during the demonstration.

The new seat weighs 2.9 kilograms (6.4 pounds) less than the 2016 Magna seat. Meyer said the ability to take up less space is in line with Magna’s sustainability goals.

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