FURY to design, build SRX race cars

Mooresville-based FURY Race Cars has entered a partnership with Superstar Racing Experience to design and build custom chassis for the fledgling series’ cars.

“We are thrilled to partner with SRX for this new and exciting journey,” said Darius Grala, President of FURY Race Cars, and former IMSA driver and NASCAR and IMSA team owner. “It was clear from our first conversation that Ray’s [Evernham, SRX co-founder] vision for the perfect race car was very much in line with what we already do here at FURY. The fit between our two companies feels natural and complementary.”

“I’ve loved the idea of the SRX Series since it was announced, so it’s really special to be a part of it,” said Tony Eury Jr., General Manager of FURY Race Cars. “It’ll be an honor to have racers from all different disciplines of racing around the world compete in the cars that we designed right here at FURY. Anytime you get insight and data from such a diverse group of drivers and engineers, you’re going to learn so much. We’ll be able to see that depth of knowledge applied to everything we do here at FURY, and I could not be more excited to get started.”

The car will be a joint design project between SRX and FURY, with the final product being a slight variation of the chassis used in FURY’s existing Model R road racing car. FURY will be responsible for building all the chassis kits, while the SRX team will handle final assembly and maintenance in-house.

“I’ve known Tony Eury Jr. for years and have always had the utmost respect for his work and the quality of FURY’s craftsmanship, which led him to be my first phone call when I started designing the SRX car,” said Evernham. “I know they will provide a chassis package that will be extremely safe for our drivers and produce exciting racing for the fans. We are excited to collaborate with FURY on this project, and look forward to a long-term partnership.”

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