Officer-involved shooting in Ogden leaves suspect wounded

OGDEN, Utah — A man holed up inside an Ogden auto repair shop led to a police-involved shooting Wednesday morning.

It began about 7:30 a.m. when a burglary alarm sounded at the AAMCO Transmissions shop on 31st Street and Wall Avenue. About the same time, a customer noticed a shattered pane of glass and called 911.

Once on scene, a police officer observed a male suspect hiding inside the business who refused to cooperate with the officer’s demands to surrender. As the officer was backing out of the building, the man attacked her with an object in his hands.

“The suspect attacked the officer with an item, in his hand, the officer fired two shots striking the suspect,” said Ogden Deputy Police Chief Eric Young. “I Believe the actions of our officers averted what could have been a tragic situation for our officer or one of the employees of this business this morning.”

The officer requested medical assistance and performed emergency live-saving measures on the suspect, who was then transported to the Ogden Regional Medical Center in stable condition.

Police say the suspect, who was attempting to access items inside the business, has a previous arrest record and efforts are being made to locate his family.

“I thank God none of our officers are, injured by all means, and obviously that’s something on the minds of all of our officers and all of us today,” Young said. “And it’s on the mind of a lot of family members of officer Lyday today, I absolutely guarantee you that.“

It was four months ago, May 28, when Ogden Police officer Nathan Lyday was shot and killed in the line of duty.

He and another officer were responding to a domestic violence call where a female victim said she’d been beaten and was fearing for her life.

As soon as Lyday and the other officer arrived on scene they were met by gunfire coming through the front door. Lyday was hit and died a short time later.

Other officers returned fire on the gunman, John Coleman.

Coleman was later found dead inside the home from a gunshot wound. He had been hit during that exchange of gunfire.

Wednesday’s incident was captured on the officer’s body camera and Ogden Police officials say they will release that video as soon as it is appropriate.

The officer has been placed on paid leave during an investigation and normal OIS protocols have been put into place.

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