Post-COVID NYC Needs Bike Lanes and Electric Microbility

‘We can use this moment to position ourselves in ways that best serve New Yorkers—those who have stayed, those who will return, and the newcomers who will power New York’s next cycle of growth.’


A ride along Northern Boulevard.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the tides in urban mobility. When New York hit “pause” that gave us all a moment to reflect on how and why we move around the city.  Streets emptied of cars; subways and buses emptied of riders. As quiet overtook New York we heard more birds and the air was cleaner than it had been in decades.  

With so few cars on the streets in those early days, driving was fun again. It was fast and it was easy. It was also dangerous, unsustainable, and fleeting. Traffic deaths soared. 

The constraints of COVID have put into stark relief the competing demands for street space. Schools are using streets to hold classes. Restaurateurs and their patrons use the space for dining. Bicycling has increased as New Yorkers find new ways to travel under new conditions. People have used street space in dozens of creative ways. 

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