Super PAC drops millions blasting Joe Biden tax plan

A super PAC just dropped $40 million on ads slamming Democrat Joe Biden in five swing states, including Florida.

America First Action SuperPAC puts together a montage of quotes from Biden on taxes and the pandemic, played in small business settings.

Whether individuals are in a barber shop watching news casts or in an office lobby streaming messages on their smartphones, or an auto shop watching news on a laptop computer, the Biden quotes are select.

“I would shut it down,” Biden says in one clip.

“If you elect me, your taxes are going to be raised, not cut,” he says in another, referencing a speech in which Biden said he’d raise taxes on the wealthy.

Titled “Day 1,” the new ad makes clear, the U.S. economy would be threatened by a Biden Presidency from the start.

It makes reference to Biden’s economic plan, one the Tax Foundation says will lead to raised taxes for individuals with incomes greater than $400,000. The plan will also raise the corporate income tax rate and impose a corporate minimum book tax.

The super PAC suggests such moves threaten the economy, particularly as it tries to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, a crisis called out specifically in chyrons on the media within the super PAC ad.

A narrator concludes “Joe Biden. The times are tough. The man is too weak.” That’s a message that stands in direct contrast to the show of strength President Donald Trump projects as he looks to Election Day.

America First Action SuperPAC purchased television time, digital and direct mail advertisements pushing the economic case against Biden.

“Biden oversaw the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression while he was Vice President,” a press release from the super PAC states. “Now Biden is proposing $4 trillion in new taxes, which will mean more of your hard-earned money going back to the government to fund radical proposals like free healthcare to illegal immigrants and free college tuition.”

America First Action SuperPAC will spend $8.7 million in the Miami market between Oct. 7 and Election Day. That’s on top of $12.7 million already invested for ongoing advertising that started in September in the Orlando and West Palm markets.

The organization targeted four other states: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Georgia.

That shows some sign of where the fight for electoral votes will be waged between now and Nov. 3, and that the Sunshine State will once again be subjected to plenty of presidential electioneering.


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