Fearless Offroad shifts into registered auto repair

STANTON — Having spent the past year serving the Stanton community, Fearless Offroad is now ready to bring its service to the next step in becoming a registered auto repair facility.

Having been in the Stanton community for approximately a year, Fearless Offroad recently became a registered auto repair facility, which allows them to work on engines, brakes, oil changes and other auto-based needs. — DN Photo | Brandon Schreur

Located at 302 S. State St., Fearless Offroad opened in Stanton last September.

General manager Jordan Keselring told the Daily News the business came to Stanton to provide customers with alternative options for their auto care needs.

“Before we opened up, there wasn’t a lot of shops like that all too close to this area,” Keselring said. “We’re providing that kind of closer alternative for people living in this area.”

Having initially focused on tires and rims more so than anything else, Fearless Offroad recently became an officially registered repair facility.

“Basically it means that we can now do any kind of automotive repair,” office administrator Nicki Christensen explained. “While we were focusing on the tires and stuff like that beforehand, we’ve now got people doing engines, brakes, oil changes and all that kind of stuff out in our garage.”

With the recent change for the business, Christensen said they’ve seen a number of positive results since then.

“We were tired of outsourcing all those needs other places and figured it was time to start doing it ourselves,” she said. “It’s a whole new business, it feels like, but it’s spreading a lot through word of mouth. We have a lot of people we service who live locally around here, stop in and hear about it. We’re still working out all the kinks and stuff like that, but it’s been going really well so far.”

“It’s been pretty steady,” Keselring agreed. “We do match prices. We try to be the lowest price you can find around here, as far as being competitive in that way.”

Along with low prices, Christensen and Keselring say Fearless Offroad’s customer service is what makes the business stand apart from competitors.

“We do pick up vehicles and drop them back off to people when we have to,” Christensen said. “We’re trying to be accommodating in that way. Good customer service is what we’re trying to provide.”

Located at 302 S. State St. in Stanton, Fearless Offroad recently became a registered auto repair facility. The business will celebrate the changes with a ribbon-cutting hosted by Stanton’s Downtown Development Authority at 11:30 a.m. Oct. 10. — DN Photo | Brandon Schreur

“Just last week, there was a guy who ordered a set of tires from us,” Keselring added. “He lived out in Lansing, so I met him out in Grand Ledge to drop them off for him.”

In addition to the new auto repair facility, Fearless Offroad also opened a second location in July at 11294 W. Carson City Road in Greenville.

“The Greenville location is a bit more of a storefront while (Stanton) is the repair facility,” Keselring explained. “At Greenville, we have set-ups and displays that people can order from there. If there’s a stack of tires and they like them, they can buy them there and then, if they want them mounted or balanced, they can bring them to (Stanton) for that.”

“We do try to schedule our appointments out so that they’re not all overlapping with one another, but if someone comes in and they have a flat tire or something, we usually are able to kind of just work it in,” Christensen noted.

On Oct. 10, the Stanton Downtown Development Authority will host a ribbon-cutting at the Stanton location to officially welcome Fearless Offroad to the community. The ceremony begins at 11:30 a.m. and the public is invited to attend.

Fearless Offroad

Locations: 302 S. State St. in Stanton and 11294 W. Carson City Road in Greenville

Appointments: Call (989) 283-1299

Information: Visit Fearless Offroad’s Facebook page or email [email protected]


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